Our DJs

Phil “Jaegerossa” Rose

Phil was always destined to find his way into music! The youngest of three brothers, the eldest a virtuoso pianist and middle brother a superb bass player, he spent most of his early days in the company of Bach Beethoven or Scott Joplin mixed with Weather report, Japan and Stanley Clarke. His Dad had a powerful voice to rival any other and lived a life of a frustrated singer confined to belting out Dion Warrick to his youngest on a Sunday morning. Phil’s musical heritage was rich and diverse. This cacophony of sounds lead Phil to musical tastes beyond the norm.

Phil discovered House music in the mid eighties from his fascination with the counter culture and never following the crowd. His first real foray into a record shop in early 1987 netted him a copy of Krush “house arrest” and a love for the 12 inch was born! From that day the house music sound resonated with Phil to a point that it became an obsession. His early love of tracks by Inner City, De La Soul, Gino Latino, Lil Louis, Unique 3, Orbital and A Guy Called Gerald made him gravitate towards a desire to use these pieces of black vinyl like the early party dj’s he had seen in upstairs bars and large warehouse parties.

Phil’s started to attend weekly shindigs like Neuro at Park Hall, Revenge, Monroes. While still at school in the afternoon’s an amazing art teacher took a small select bunch and played them back a video of the acid house party both pupil and teacher had attended.

One Thursday night in 1990 an up and coming DJ called ‘Sasha’ mixed two records together live, this would be the catalyst for his first purchase of DJ equipment. Leftfield’s ‘Not Forgotten‘ was ringing out of the huge speakers inside Park Hall, then at the time, what literally seemed another galaxy, never mind another technics turntable, Whitney Houston’s ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ was seamlessly mixed in. Within 6 months Phil had two, none matching decks and a phonic mrt600 mixer!

Phil started to play at local parties and bars across the North earning his stripes as a DJ. His first break came when he started to fill in for the DJ at the biggest bar in his hometown of Chorley. Harrys bar was yet another stripe on his arm as a DJ and by 93-94 he was playing there every Friday and Saturday to a packed and loyal audience. As he progressed he started to put on his own parties and then his love for the flourishing house scene in Ibiza made him pack his records and give it a go. Phil played across Ibiza at the opening parties of the then new Kanya café and had his own night in one of the longest running clubs on the Island Play2.

On returning to the UK Phil fell in love with a new club on the front in Blackpool. Federation was the brainchild of Rick Bonnetti, the club showcased the worlds finest DJ’s such as Sasha, Carl Cox, Farthers of Sound, Ian Ossia, Sister Bliss, Buckley and Judge Jules. Phil became resident at the club in 1998 and played along side some of these world famous DJ’s. Phil and Rick became and still to this day remain close friends and they would work together on many future projects.

In 2000 Federation closed its doors after 5 years, but more doors seemed to open for Phil. He became a regular guest on the North of England’s club scene guesting at big events like Ultima, Coco Loco, Love to Be, he held a residency with Back to Basics DJ-Buckley at his Fusion night in Harrogate playing along side people like Paul Woolford. He also guested on Buckleys radio show on Radio Aire in Leeds providing a mix for the show which was received well by the Leeds clubbing fraternity. Phil then went on to work closely with Rick Bonnetti on projects more closer to home with nights like Play at Philips Park Hall, and Emporia in Manchester, playing alongside DJs like Full Intention and Knee Deep.

In the last 7 years Phil has played alongside some of the biggest club brands and DJ’s in the world, guesting on the Manchester installment of DC 10 stalwart night Circa Loco with Smoking Joe and Tania Volcano and playing for UK brands such as Kissdafunk.

His love for the music and scene has never kept him far away from the pulse of house music. His recent foray back into the world of promotion has netted him a small but unique success story – ‘Edit’ was started by Phil in a small local bar 3 years ago with only himself as the DJ. Now 3 years later the night has moved from strength to strength hosting monthly sold out parties at Baku and now at Baluga Bar in Preston, former guests have included Greg Wilson, Graeme park and Joey Negro. It seems the future is bright for this long time servant of the Northern house scene with music productions forthcoming, under his Jagerossa and Rosskiss guises and a radio show launching on Reel House Radio and monthly parties in Preston and Manchester, is there nothing that this little old DJ from Chorley cant do? I think not!