Our DJs

Chris “Jaegerossa” Hunter

By the age of 2 years old, Chris had realised it was possible to put two records together to create a ‘blend’ or ‘mix’. He first did this by posting them into the top of a convector heater and he noticed he could create a new product that would flow out of the bottom… much to his fathers dismay…

By the time he started school, he had more than got a sense of rhythm. In ’83 he watched a young Greg Wilson on the channel 4 show “The Tube” demonstrate how to phase and re work a 12″ record with the aid of a REVOX reel to reel and was amazed, then later saw Chad Jackson set a world record mixing on Blue Peter, Chris caught the bug and was determined to be a DJ.

He would make tapes at home with two home stereos and a microphone, and give his first ever ‘ MIX TAPES’ to friends and family. After realising the beats from Grange Hills ‘JUST SAY NO’, would never sound right next to Ashford and Simpson’s ‘Bourgie Bourgie’, Chris saved his paper round money and paid a visit to Woolworth’s and bought his first 12″ house records: Farley Jackmaster Funk & Darryl Pandy’s “love cant turn around” and Steve Silk Hurley’s ‘Jack your body’. He met his long time friend and later dj partner Jamie Lloyd, when he started high School. Their shared love for the four to the floor beat led them to nightclubs, seeing the likes of K KLASS and SASHA on a regular basis.

It wasn’t long before the two were putting on house parties of their own. In 1995, Chris & Jamie became residents at Preston’s now legendary weekly shin-dig CHEEKY MONKEY, playing US house to an appreciating funk hungry audience. It was here that they met guest Dj’s Dick Johnson and Ben Davis who were spreading the gospel according to Paperecordings… In the same year, Chris & Jamie took up residency at the university’s students union, to host the weekly Tuesday night hoo haa ‘FREE 2 DANCE’, where students rocked week in week out to sexy house and funky filtered Sneak style beats.

Two years later, Cheeky’s closes its doors for the final time, but the pair stay with the ‘Monkey crew. They find a new home at club Solid – and re-emerge the with a club night called GREEN, where they enjoy a 2-year reign of terror. It’s during this time that Chris and Jamie build a humble home studio, and produce ‘DA MASH – UP E.P.’ Now going under the DJ / Production guise DA MENTALISTZ (a name derrived from an infamous Alan Partridge sketch), the duo hand a cd-r to K KLASS when they appear as guests at GREEN. Two weeks later they receive a telephone call from PHAT PHIL COOPER, and are told their efforts are going to be the first signing to be put out on the new ‘NORTHERN’ label – the brainchild of CREAM favourite Phat Phil and Russ K Klass. It is from Green that the two take on a bigger residency, and join the ranks at FEEL. Taking over from the LUVDUP’s in September of1999, Chris and Jamie soon make the funky room their own by stamping their trademark sound of decks, FX and US House all over it.

Since joining FEEL, the boys gained international status by playing at parties in Spain, America, Russia with more international dates to come.

Da Mentalistz held fort as Feels Funky room residents over the next few years, out of term time the boys played the first, and then asked back to do another leg of the CREAM x 10th Birthday celebrations Tour of the country, played all of Feels “CARRY ON…” events in the glorious Ribchester countryside, the very highly regarded and sumptuous BED in Sheffield, with resident and old friend Corey.

In may 2002 Chris went full time as label manager at SHABOOM records, catering to the needs of some of the heavyweights of house: DJ SNEAK, DOC MARTIN, BLAKKAT, ONIONZ & JOESKI, JOSH WINK, KING UNIQUE, UBU, MAGIK J…

Chris & Jamie separated when Feels main room resident George Thompson left the infamous amphitheatre to travel round Australia, Jamie, having felt the dark side of the force in his soul steps into Georges shoes and hosts the main room, while Chris plays somewhat of a floating resident role playing tougher in the main room, when the need arose and keeps the funk alive and does what he does best in the funky arena the rest of the time. During the next few years Chris held a string of residencies and plays guest appearances at some of the cooler bars & clubs in the Lancashire & Manchester area. Hush in Preston, Revolution in Lancaster & Preston, dates at Modo in Liverpool, Bed in Sheffield, Misdemeanours in London alongside the lovely Lottie and uber soulful Aaron Ross, The End with DJ Sneak, Layo & Bushwhaka!, Concrete in Carlisle with Lil Devious……

Alongside house, Chris has always felt the funk. The roots of where it all began. Disco, Northern Soul, rare groove, jazz funk, stax,motown, Salsoul. He’s a long standing member of the Philosophie Collective and often played alongside Nathan Hearn, Matty Wainright, The Barefoot Dj Will Stone, and Disco “Dave Belushi” Williams on there various excursions through all things cool.

It is the love of his soulful side that caused him to assemble the Sunday Soul Collective that then morphed into Supafly. Sometimes appearing as KENNY JAEGER playing funk. Hip hop, 80s grooves and real electro, P funk, Jazz Funk, House, Disco

Chris still holds residencies regular guest spots often playing up to 8 hour sets giving him the chance to take people along with him on a musical journey, often playing his own edits and reworks.

In a nutshell over the years Chris has been a dab hand at spinnin, whether it’s on the old 1s & 2s, CDJ’s or taking it a step further using EFX units or piloting Ableton or Traktor. More often than not it’s a mixture of all of them.

No matter what you play from, your still spinning discs – they may be compact discs, wax discs, or hard discs. Who cares?

As long as you are doing your job and playing trax to people who love what you do. Chris has an electic taste and can tailor his sound to where and who he is playing to. A versatile Dj who is not afraid to embrace and experiment and has a passion to entertain and educate.